About Us

Jamis O'Brien

My name is Jamis O'Brien and I'm the Founder, Owner, and Primary Canine Concierge here at WAGG-n-WALK.  In early 2011, my wife (Haylee) and I adopted Macy, our yellow lab.  At the time both of us worked in the city and were away at least 10 overlapping hours per day.  I searched for a pet care company to come and take Macy for a walk and was unsuccessful.  I decided it was time for a change and left my career in Higher Education and with Haylee's support, I started WAGG-n-WALK.  The rest, as they say, is history.  

I get a chance to wear many hats,

 and spend my days with dogs and cats. 

If you ever find yourself in need, 

call us and we can walk, and play, and feed. 

Macy O'Brien

Woof, I mean Hi, I'm Macy O'Brien, the Principal Canine Consultant and Advisor of WAGG-n-WALK.   My job is to provide inspiration, advice and practice to my humans and they tell me that I am a "good girl" at all three.  I highly recommend WAGG-n-WALK and the services that they provide.  If they are as caring and responsive to you and your humans as they are to me, you won't be disappointed. I give them 4 paws up!  Besides, I am a social butterfly and would love to meet you too, if that's cool.  Thanks for reading about me...Daddy, do I get my treat now?

Haylee S. O'Brien

Hi, I'm Haylee, the Strategic Manager in charge of Canine Operations, and an occasional Canine Concierge.  They call me the woman behind the man who is walking the dog!  I'm a pet lover from way back, though like Jamis, was unable to parent a pet while working in a live-on position in Higher Education.  I had to live vicariously through my parents with their Yellow Lab, Gus (in above picture on left) until we moved off campus and Macy came into our lives.  If you have any pet care needs, give us a call, send us an email, and we can determine if we have the services and availability to meet your needs.